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We are a full-service refractory contractor providing quality service to industrial, municipal and commercial clients in NY,PA,VT,NH,and Eastern MA. From servicing to turnkey rebuilds, our employees are trained and experienced to ensure a safe and quality installation. We stand behind our work and will resolve any issue to our customers complete satisfaction.  

Our services include:
    • BROKK remote controlled demolition  
    • Hot Guniting repair
    • Plastic Gunning
    • Firebrick and Castable installations 
    • Precast refractory shapes 
    • 24-Hour Emergency Service
    • Injectite pumpable insulation
    • Water Tank Linings 
    • Boiler refractory service
    • Floorguard - spall resistant high strength hot flooring castable

Firebricks.jpgWe are stocking distributor / installers for the following Companies :
Unifrax.jpg          PoconoFabricators.jpg            Firebricks.jpgPlibricoLogo.jpg

Brokk Inc
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Hanyan-Higgins Company * 7397 Taft Park Drive* East Syracuse, NY * USA * 13057 Phone: (800) 721-2745 Fax: (315) 458-4609

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